Pat Patterson Hauck


Fine Art Infrared Photography





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Artist's Statement

Infrared photography records the near-infrared spectrum, bringing us into a world we otherwise cannot see. I love the dramatic landscapes, the glowing effervescent skin tones and the visual heat on the beach that this spectrum reflects. I am compelled to explore the surreal world infrared brings me to, on all levels, and to visually express that which I find there.

There are so many levels...the ethereal peace, the color of black and white, the softening of structures through toning and light, the integration of human form into landscapes with the resulting relationships, the emotional impact of contrasts...my list is endless. It was the ethereal peace that initially swept me in, and viewers of my prints still comment on it today, but I see many new paths to explore as I continue to work in infrared.

Merging vision with the technical process of the medium(s) is a basis for one’s art, but it’s the magic that makes my heart skip a beat. From the magic of first seeing a print come to life, to the heeding of an image’s call and taking it to another level, to an invisible world called infrared. I am on a visual journey in a world we cannot see, a richly intriguing world which I intend to savor as I absorb and then reveal in my prints.